Match one month with a gift of $500

Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission to bring wild, new, locally-grown plays to Philadelphia through radical, sustainable means.

With donations of $16 a day for 365 days, Orbiter 3 will raise $5,840 -- just less than half of what we need to raise through the oCal to produce our 2016 season. With matching donations of $500 for each month of small oCal contributions, we'll reach our oCal fundraising goal of $12,000.

Join the campaign as a match donor by making a $500 donation to Orbiter 3, and notifying Orbiter 3 Giving Manager Emily Acker at emily @, or 610-213-4385.


The Gilmore Family / May 2016
The Williams Family / June 2016
Gayle & David Smith / July 2016