Make a recurring donation

We think you're amazing. Thanks for supporting Orbiter 3 every month of our campaign.You'll automatically be charged once a month on the date you donate, and your contribution will count twelve-fold toward Orbiter 3's radical campaign to earn a donation a day for 365 days.


Steps to contribute all 12 months:

Step 1: Make a recurring donation via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas

Visit Orbiter 3's donation portal on Click the Donate Now button, and select "Today and again every month."

Step 2: Pick your dates

Decide on a recurring date, then visit the oCal to make sure no one's claimed it. You can even go crazy and decide on a different date each month. Just make sure you write down which dates you want so you can send them to us in Step 3.

Step 3: Let us know which dates you picked

Send us a message with the recurring or single date you've chosen for each month ("I'd like to claim the 4th of every month," or "Give me the 6th of May, the 12th of June, the 14th of July..." etc). 

We'll get a confirmation of your recurring donation from Fractured Atlas.

An Orbiter will update the oCal to reflect your claimed dates, and notify you that the process is complete!


You're a champion of art and progress! 

Thanks for bringing us 12 days closer to our goal of 365 donations for Orbiter 3.