The Orbiter 3 Constitution

A guide to governance and production


The playwright’s vision is paramount. The job of the artistic team is to facilitate that vision in production.

Each playwright has the right to one full production in the city of Philadelphia.

Each playwright has the right to choose artistic collaborators for production, including director, designers, actors, and technicians, or to bequeath that right to another individual.

Each playwright will be fairly compensated.

Each playwright has the right to be present at auditions, rehearsals, production meetings, and any other events connected to production of her or his play. The production calendar will be arranged according to the playwright’s schedule.

Each playwright will be properly credited for her or his work as author of the play on all materials and communications associated with the play.

We are artists in dialogue with the craft and production of new plays beyond Philadelphia. It is a responsibility and privilege to see the work of our peers, and to hold our own work up to the highest standard of theater.

The perspectives of underrepresented groups are vitally important to the future of art. We are committed to seeking out those voices when choosing collaborators.