Praise for
Orbiter 3

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Philadelphia Magazine

The real deal

"What do you get when you mix five [sic] of Philly’s most intelligent theater artists together to create a sustainable incubator for new plays? Orbiter 3! The concept is not only genius, but in its short inception has produced two of the season’s most thought-provoking and emotionally gripping works: Moon Man Walk and A Knee That Can Bend

It’s more than buzz: This ensemble of artists is the real deal and is creating some serious art that is challenging and inspiring. Put them on your must-see list in 2016 — whatever they’re staging."



One of the best productions in the region

"There are few works currently playing in Philadelphia that are as thought-provoking and engaging as the premiere of Emma Goidel’s A Knee That Can Bend, which opened last week at Theatre Exile’s Studio X. The newest production by Orbiter 3, Philly’s sustainable playwriting cohort, is deeply moving, emotionally gripping, and beautifully performed. In short, I’d argue it’s one of the best productions currently playing in the region."



A bright voice

"Thoughtful, mature and intellectually provocative work. ...[Goidel] will be a bright voice, waiting to speak out, forth and for those communities her work will embody, clarify, and serve."



The most exciting development in Philadelphia theater

"The most exciting development in the Philadelphia theater scene since the opening of FringeArts in 2013 is Orbiter 3, a new collective of playwrights dedicated to making the city an energetic hub for original plays."



The kind of artistic quality Philadelphia needs

"Moon Man Walk provides the kind of artistic quality that the Philadelphia arts community needs to not only achieve with new works but invest in. Orbiter 3's first production proves that they have a concept and brand that are not only extremely enticing, but extremely effective. One can't be anything but excited for the future of this company."



A high bar

"Considered independently of the high bar set by Orbiter 3's first two productions, I Am Not My Motherland is a professional premiere of a promising play by an exciting new playwright. ...As serious as those first two [Orbiter 3 plays], and more ambitious in scope..."

The most modern theater company in town

"Orbiter 3, the first producing playwrights collective in Philadelphia, has already established their aesthetic fingerprint in this city’s artistic sector. Their fourth production, BREATHE SMOKE by Douglas Williams, validates their brand as the most modern theater company in town.